1917 Movie in the Mud

I had the privilage of working on the awesome film 1917 in 2019 in the crowd room and part of a large team.

It was such a wonderful experience, and found the team and the cast a talented bunch.  The filming was done in various locations around Scotland and the UK. This job I was mainly haircutting/styling for a sharp look for the soldiers, and the make up was all about dirtying down and blood effects and chalk dust, this was too create a dishevelled look.

1917 tells the story of two young British soldiers stationed in Northern France who must deliver warning of an ambush before it’s too late.  With miles of enemy territory to cross and not much time, their mission seems all but impossible.

It was loosely based on a story Sam’s grandfather told him as a child, and through long takes and clever editing the film appears as if it’s been created entirely in one shot.

The film won Oscars, Golden Globes, BAFTAs, plus many other awards, although I was washing my hair on those nights..


1917 Movie